Do You Know AmoVino?

The world of wine is changing


Today, that’s truer than ever in British Columbia. We are seeing changes like never before within the liquor industry.

Wine lovers are thirsty to connect with farmers, and embrace their stories and culture in a whole new way. We enjoy being as close to the grape as possible, want to learn all that we can about its journey from vine to glass, and connect with the individuals behind the label.

We hope to satisfy that thirst with Real Wine.

That is, wine made with intention, integrity and passion, which respects the earth, past generations and those to come. Most of the time, we’ve found this to mean, ‘organic’, ‘biodynamic’, ‘sustainable’ or ‘natural’.

Whether you’re looking to bring authentic selections from a variety of regions to your customers, or share your story with B.C wine lovers, you need to know AmoVino.

Our Collection

Niche and Natural

Our wine drinkers are demanding real wines from specific places. We’re here to help find them.

AmoVino’s collection focuses on wines which tell a story intertwined with history, stewardship, and innovation. We are dedicated to sharing indigenous varieties from emerging regions that struggle to gain access into Western Canada.

We love connecting people who may be oceans apart, may never meet, or speak the same language, but who respect the same values and learn from one another through the commonality of a simple bottle of wine. We choose to work with real people whose love of wine is deeply rooted in preserving the earth, respecting long-standing family traditions, and articulating their personal story.

Our collection is a way of paying homage to the values taught by the grandfathers of our industry. From classical areas we think we know, to undiscovered soils we may know little about, our goal is to explore the way we think about wine with examples that are honouring ancient techniques, while innovating and challenging their predecessors and themselves. Kind of like we are.

Join us, you know you want to.

Bringing Niche and Natural Wines to British Columbia

If you want to conquer this market, forget traditional merchandising. You need a fresh approach—to marketing, importing, distribution and networking. You need an advocate that’s connected to the pulse of this new wave. You need an ally, one that’s rich in social marketing channels while respecting old-world knowledge and innovating centuries old tradition. That’s hard to find in one agent. But that’s AmoVino.

A personal, accessible approach that let’s us focus on you and your products.
Social network and conventional marketing plugged into a growing base of wine lovers.
Strong sommelier and restaurant connections, particularly in Greater Vancouver.
WSET 3 educated; successful sourcing of wines for BC market
A passion for wine and for bringing its ritual and celebration to a new generation.
Long-standing family mentorship and connections in BC’s wine industry.

Socialize with us.


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