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Letting the Wines Speak for Themselves

Rajen Toor and is the owner and winemaker of Ursa Major Wines. He was born and raised right here in Oliver, and always planned to move away immediately after high school. After university in Victoria he did a year long acting sting in LA before deciding to move back to Oliver to the vineyards where he’s been working since he was 5 years old. Diving head first into viticulture and winemaking ignited a new passion within him and he decided to start his own little experimental studio of wines on the side under the Ursa Major label. After a couple of years gaining confidence, self education and mentorship, while working endlessly with the team, he knew this was his calling.

The goal here is to keep the land as undisturbed as logically possible. Under Ursa Major, using predominately organically farmed grapes (as they transition) the wines speaks for itself. Guiding with a watchful hand throughout the natural process, Rajen aims to push these varieties as far as they an go while simultaneously staying true and faithful to our terroir.

Rajen’s family has been farming here since he was born essentially, and he will to use everything in his power to make sure this land and soil stays as healthy and fertile as the day they found it. “This land that has given my family so damn much, it really wouldn’t make sense of me to not give back. Ursa Major has always been about me telling my own truth and personal stories first an foremost, through the names, labels and wines, and bringing people along with me as I try to figure my shit out.”

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Our suppliers all believe in a less is more approach, meaning organic farming and no unnecessary additives in the cellar. We invite you to get to know them better.

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