Russo Antica Distilleria

Crafting quality artisanal liqueurs since 1936

Since 1936 Antica Distilleria Russo has been crafting quality artisanal liqueurs that are known around the world for their great attention to details, and only using the most natural and sustainable ingredients in all their products. Now, ‘Leo’ Napoleone Cioffi, their 3rd generation, manages their global portfolio from their small family village in Amalfi.

Most notably known for their classic Russo Limoncello, Canada’s 1st Limoncello, (introduced to the market by Jessica’s grandfather, Larry) produced with only Organic Verdelli lemons grown on their estate with IGP status, as well as their wild Walnut Liquor Nucil from a secret family recipe handed down throughout the generations. Russo Grappa is made from organic grape pomace, the by-product of winemaking – grape skins, seeds and pomace which is distilled into a clear and flavourful spirit that is traditionally enjoyed with coffee or as an after-dinner digestif.

For Russo, their mission is to create ‘moments of pleasure’ while ‘thinking global and acting local’; always striving for excellence while remembering the passion and playfulness that first inspired them.

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Our suppliers all believe in a less is more approach, meaning organic farming and no unnecessary additives in the cellar. We invite you to get to know them better.

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